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Postpartum Workshops

Throughout this series of encounters, we’ll create a beautiful community of new mothers, delving into motherhood without filters. We’ll explore together the challenges and joys of the postpartum period. From baby massage to returning to work, including breastfeeding and co-sleeping, we’ll address the most significant aspects of the postpartum period with honesty and mutual support in each exchange.

Baby Massage

Wednesday, March 6th, at 3:30 PM

In this first encounter, we’ll delve into the wonderful world of baby massage. Loving and conscious touch is a powerful way to connect with our little ones, promoting their physical and emotional well-being. As moms and caregivers, we’ll learn massage techniques that will strengthen our bond with the babies and provide them with a space of calmness and relaxation.

– Introduction to baby massage and its benefits.
– Practical demonstration of massage techniques.
– Guided practice of baby massage.
– Space for sharing experiences.

Postpartum Workshops
Postpartum Workshops

Breastfeeding and Baby Care

Wednesday, March 13th, at 3:30 PM

In this encounter, we’ll explore the beautiful and challenging world of breastfeeding and baby care. We’ll address common doubts, share experiences, and explore strategies to foster successful breastfeeding and loving care for our babies.

– Tips for successful breastfeeding.
– Basic care for newborns.
– Resolution of common breastfeeding problems.
– Space for sharing experiences.

Sleep and Co-Sleeping

Wednesday, March 20th, at 3:30 PM

Sleep is a fundamental aspect in raising our babies. In this encounter, we’ll discuss different perspectives on infant sleep and explore the practice of co-sleeping safely and lovingly.

– Infant sleep patterns.
– Benefits and precautions of co-sleeping.
– Strategies to promote healthy sleep.
– Space for sharing experiences.

Postpartum Workshops
Postpartum Workshops

Colic and Crying

Wednesday, March 27th, at 3:30 PM

Crying and colic are common challenges in baby care. In this encounter, we’ll address relief techniques for colic, as well as strategies to deal with crying and maintain calmness in challenging moments.

– Causes and signs of colic.
– Relief techniques for babies with colic.
– Managing infant crying and self-care for mothers.
– Space for sharing experiences.

Returning to Work

Wednesday, April 17th, at 3:30 PM

The transition from motherhood to work can be emotionally complex. In this encounter, we’ll explore strategies to facilitate a smooth return to work and support the balance between professional demands and our family’s needs.

– Planning the return to work.
– Strategies to maintain breastfeeding.
– Baby care during working hours.
– Space for sharing experiences.

Postpartum Workshops

Practical information  

50 CHF per session
90 CHF for 2 sessions (45 CHF per workshop)
120 CHF for 3 sessions (40 CHF per workshop)
140 CHF for 4 sessions (35 CHF per workshop)
150 CHF for 5 sessions (30 CHF per workshop)

Promotional rates must be paid in full.
Advance registration required for each workshop.

Postpartum Workshops


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