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About me

If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’d like to know a bit more about my career path. So let’s get started!

I am a Yoga Teacher, Doula, and Lactation Consultant. I have a holistic background, with over 15 years of experience supporting families.

In Argentina, I studied Hatha Yoga (Yoga Kai, 2008), Eutony​ Kaplan Method (Kaplan Studio, 2009), Doula (Dr. Michel Odent, 2010), and Lactation Consultant (ACADP, 2023). Additionally, I specialized in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga (Ananda Yoga, 2009), Yoga for Children and Babies (Mini Yoga, 2009), Baby Massage (​Shantala Workshop, 2009), Spherodynamics and ​Stability ​Balls for Pregnancy (Esfero Vital, 2010), Yoga Techniques in Education (RYE, 2011), and Family Yoga (Rainbow Kids Yoga, 2016). I am also certified in Floral Therapy (Aitue Academy, 2017) and Herbal Medicine (Florecer Academy, 2017), with a focus on childhood, pregnancy, and postpartum.

In Switzerland, I have a diploma in Academic Medicine (ESSR, 2023) and I am currently submitting my dossier to become a member of ASCA (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines).

In Argentina, I founded Malva Yoga Center, a studio with more than 200 students that I led for 10 years and continues ​o​pen today. Additionally, I was​ part of the board of the Argentine Doula​s Association (ACDC) and worked in the maternity ward of Lavignole Hospital, assisting births, postpartums, and lactations. In 2019, I provided special training on yoga techniques to support labor, aimed at midwives in the PSI program​ (Intervention-Free Birth) at the Institute of Obstetrics Medicine in Buenos Aires (IMO).

In Spain, I offered my training courses in Prenatal and Children’s Yoga at the ALVAHIN Center in Astorga.

In Switzerland, I have been practicing my profession since 2022, welcoming my students at Yoga Rive, a beautiful space in the heart of Geneva. Additionally, I was a teacher for the Baby Yoga Relax Training at La Ronde des Petits and ​I currently work at the Association Bien​-Être Famille, where I am in charge of the Family Yoga Workshop offered at Foyer Rigot.

In 2023, I created the blog The Mamifera Lab (TML®), a platform available in 3 languages, dedicated to motherhood and breastfeeding, combining theory, practice, and inspiration.



+41 76 719 06 02 (WhatsApp)
Rue du Vieux-Collège 10. Genève, Suisse.
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